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Donation of the 20th of February 2018: Donation from Veronique Dubois (60400) SUZOY

Donation of a wooden trunk, which used to belong to Miss Marshall, US nurse who came to France between 1914-1918. She became good friend with the donator’s grand-mother. She left her luggage at her house for the duration of the war but ended up staying in France

Donation of the 23rd march 2018:Donation of Mme Jaskowiak (33550) Soldiers ID tag !

« Found around 1965 in a school yard in Ciotat where I was at a summer camp. It was in a bush, on the ground in a school yard. Was there a battle in that part of France? Was it a child who wanted to show his grand- father’s tag and who later lost it? … We will never know!”



Donation December 2017: Donated by Stéphane Truffet

 -           two French uniform buttons from Napoleon time (10th+35th regiment)

 -          French uniform button without inscription

 -          British trench-art lighter

 -          part of a British RFA (Royal Field Artillery) badge

Donation 30 July 2017:  Pansy made from Gaston Dailly’s hair (Vironchaux 80150)

Donation 24 May 2017:Donated by Mr Adenot Jean Paul, German grenade case dated from 1917.

Donation 24 May 2017: “Sextant” to locate position on land or at sea.  Owned by French artillery soldier Louis Truchon.

Donation 17 July 2017: Donated by Gauthier Morel who died in January 2015

-       - telephone isolator

-         - French shell 37 mm 

       -Pharmacy bottle « Dépuratif L.Richelet SEDAN 

     Donation February 2017: Gift of a photo with a regiment of the Machine Gun Corps. In the picture is the grandfather of Andrew James Brown (Donator). This regiment was part of the 38th Welsh Division, which attacked from the 7th July 1916 Mametz wood.

Donation march 2017: An unknown donator: 3 small booklets (2 silvery, 1 old purple) with thoughts, poetry and history.

Donation March 2017: 3 photographs of Alan Williams‘s grandfather

Donation March 2017: Donated by Hesse Marie Martine 

-          a medaillon (Edward VII) 

-        Pocket wacht

Donation March 2017 Donated by Tinchon Francine a Commemorative plaque « Guillaume Alexandre, 36 ans soldat 157e d’infanterie, Mort en serbie le 4 Nov 1918 »

Donation March 2017Donated by David Empson, frame with medals (copies) used to belong to Lance-Corporal William R.Peniston.

Donation 6 April 2017 : Donated by Marie-Françoise Boissel, chamber pot.

Donation 13 April 2017Donated by Ian Mcdonald, (Scotland) aqua tint (etching) realized by Paul Mansart, used to belong to Ian’s grandfather.

Donation 12 May 2017 Donated by Jean-Michel LEBIGRE (91200), a military dog tag under the name Theophile Deberly (Officier).

Donation 24 May 2017 : Gift of a postcards book of Albert donated by Raymond C Morris

Donation 24 May 2017Book retracing the military life of Louis Truchon






10/02/2016 : donation from M. Jean-claude Bellencontre (80 Boves)

This helmet belonged to his great-father, helmet found in the Family home attic in Normandy.

25/03/16 : Donation from M. Xavier Colson (80132 MAREUIL CAUBERT)

A Michelin guide

Avril 2016 : Donations from Annick Jaspard (59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq) 
-Emile Levecque died on the 17th sept 1985 in Tourcoing (he took part in the 2 wars),he receives a certificate for good behaviour and a diploma for the 60th anniversary of the battle of Verdun delivered by the "Anciens combattants".
- Then a "diplôme d'honneur" handed to the famillies « Mort pour la France » at the attention of Cyrille Levecque brother of Emile Levecque and an inkwell in the shape of an adrian helmet.

5/05/16 : Donations from Mrs Coffinot born Herment

 photos, cards... of a grandfather (on her father's side) who died for his country (76350 Oissel)
- Wedding photos (Family)
- Wedding photos (portraits)
- Wedding menu
- photo of her grand-mother next to her grand-father

Leaflet « Souvenez-vous dans vos prières »
- Post cards  military cemetery before and after Fr Albert
- Post card of monument for the fallen in Albert
- Post card of the basilica (inside)
- Post card Longueval
- Post card Lihons

30/05/16 : Donation of Mrs Tessier Michèle (76370 Neuville les dieppe)

a painting which used to belong to her great uncle. He did the embroideries himself whilst he was a prisoner until 1919

16/06/16 : Donation of Mr and Mrs Prigent Jean Alain (91550 Paray Vieille Poste)

- 2 little engraved German shell cases 65mm : (Belgium14-15 & Somme 1916)
- 1 engraved French shellcase 75mm, shaped into a vase + candle holder « Guerre 14-18 »
- 1 German shell case,  77mm with ivy and floiwers

Juin 2016 : Donation of Mrs Beaussart born Sename Chantal

(blankett from her grand-father Omer Sename) dating from 1915 (59000 Lille). 

Juillet 2016 : Unknown donor

a pair of graiters

17/08/16 : Donations of Mrs Acloque Françoise (80260 CARDONNETTE)

14 postcards written in 1914 by her great grandfather Jean-Baptiste Oselle and adressed to his daughter who was then 11 years old and printed sheet of paper (inter Arma Caritas; Societe française de secours aux blesses militaries) belonging to Mrs Letouvet, nurse in the Somme

27/08/16 : Donation of M Camacho Alex

a box with a cross inside, Apparently this box belonged to a soldier in the Great War (80000 Amiens).

Don 2016 : Donation of Mr Falize philippe (80300 Albert)

2 british shell cases : Ladies Adrian helmet and bonnet + 2 decorated cups.

09/2016 : Photocopy of Louis Bord's dairy veteran of the Somme and the Middle East

09/2016 : Donation of a Newzeader Maon

 Private Pita Pari Tiatoa

24/09/16 : Donation of M. Camacho Alex (80000 Amiens)

a prayer book belonging to a prisoner and a bible (Used by the diocese of Verdun).

30/09/16 : Donation of M. Robida Frédéric (95410 Groslay)
6 Képis (1 red + 5 blue), - 1 red cap, - 1 blue beret (marine), - 4 and half pair of epaulette, - 2 red pants.

20/10/2016 : Donation of Frances Lawrence

dessin de la basilique d'Albert avec la vierge penchée (dessin signé par Marcel Augis), Ce dessin appartenait à son père Frederick Timbrey.

7/11/2016 : Donation from David Burrows

copy of his gradfather's drawings Noel Whittles bellonging to the regiment « The Lancashire Fusiliers », drawing of trenches in La Boisselle, Aveluy and Thiepval in 1915/17. and dating from his passage in Albert in 1915/1916

9/11/16 : Donation from Dominique and Sandra Noblet

a complete and original photo album Album




30/04/15 : Donation from M. Gaube Arthur (80100 Abbeville)

 2 shelles cases « souvenir de Dormans » 1914-1919 war.  

30/04/15 : Donation from M. and Mrs Jacques Delmail (80110 Moreuil) 

Boîte en métal Boîte seringue + 4 aiguillesBoîte seringue +  1 aiguilleGarrot avec boîte14 lames vierges pour microscopeStéthoscope

+ Donation brouth by M. Delmail and belonging M. Wouters 

16/05/15 : Donation of an adjustable wrench (unknown donor)

05/15 : Donation from Collie Seniar High School W. Australia

31/07/15 : Donation from Mrs Claudine Micheau (80000 Amiens) belonged to her father Licciardie François :

1 medal1 service record booklet1 postal card of verdun carte, 1 citation from Marocco53 postal cards + 2 photos of Adolphe Hitler 

18/08/15 : Donation from Annie Decocq (89560 TAINGY)

 2 embroidered handkerchiefs of a soldier who was held prisoner with her grand-father + 1 photo of a grand-father Maurice Decocq.

27/09/15 : Donation from Pierrot son of Bougnat (Nord Aveyron) given during the "culture shows" from Paris.

Embroidered postal cards « Bonne Année ». 

10/2015 : 2 photos « L’illustration » of the battlefields

2015 : donated by the "Union des Grandes Associations de France"

Diplôme d’honneur given to families « Mort pour la France » 14-19 Blondeau Zénobe

2015 : Diplôme Médaille Militaire belonging to M.Salfort Georges, stretcher bear with the 73eRI.

2015 : Certificate « Hommage de la Nation, in the memory of Sageot Marceau » 51e RI, who died on the 26th june 1915.

11/2015 : Donation from Mrs Leclercq-Trouble, his grand-daughter

Crutches belonging to Jean Hennebelle, wounded in 1915, two photos of him taken in Val-de-grâce in 1915.   

12/2015 : Donation from Auke A. de Jong (Zwartteweg 2 9261 XS Eastermar)

Medical chair from M.Dupont & wheelchair Fig 177 automoteur.  

18/12/15 Donation from abbé Joël Dulin - in Albert 

Grimaux Charles Brigadier from 116e , citation à l’ordre de l’Armée with medals. 

Donantion from M. Bellencentre

1 french helmet




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